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Women’s Balance Favourites

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doTERRA essential oils of Whisper (5ml) and Frankincense (15ml)

These oils bundle perfectly to create the perfect balance as life today leaves little time for self indulgence.

The complement of these oils is pure MAGIC .

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 50 × 2 × 50 cm


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Review for Madannah Cream

I love this stuff!! Gifted it to all my friends because it’s so great for EVERYTHING! I used the MAdannah Cream on my pregnant belly, face, hands. bub loves it- helps clear up nappy rash/acne, great for massages! An all-rounder and very much an essential in our household

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Review for Madannah Chesty

My children have been congested for months! Nothing i give them seemed to work. Two nights with your Madannah Chesty cream and all congestion is pretty much gone. The nappy cream is just as amazing. Thank you! Something natural that actually works.

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Review for Madannah Cream, New Baby Essentials Gift Box

We love this cream, it has many uses in my home, Relieve and heal my itchy arms, my boys dermatitis, grazes, dry lips, massage foreheads when stressed

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